The Chapati Making Machine, incorporates a double stage rotational baking mechanism which gives evenly cooked & puffed chapatis. Manually making a large number of chapatis.
Sunshine Machines are more hygienic than normal conveyor type because, there is no use of dry flour! There also minimal human contact
Sunshine Chapati Making Machine is Most Compact & Strongly built for bulk chapati making.
All of Sunshine’s Semi, Automatic & Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machines can be operated by ordinary labor with minimal training.
There is huge Savings of Manpower & LPG Expenditure as compared to best service in chapati making machines in the whole industry
Sunshine machines Good Quality & Robust built ensures minimum breakdowns and very little maintenance.
Unlike Fully Automatic Conveyor Models, there is no possibility of rodent/insect infestations, making the output highly hygienic
The Machine is surprisingly easy to clean, and there is no room for residue of dry flour or oil anywhere.
Sunshine is proud of its customer service & response time. It has the best service in chapati making machines in the whole industry.
Sunshine is regularly involved in R&D to innovate & launch increasingly good products to its customers.

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