Chapati, Chapatti, Chappati or Chapathi is an unleavened flatbread (also known as roti) that has been a staple to India since many generations. The daily diet of an average roti eating person consists of 2 rotis atleast twice a day. Making chapatis in a house with a limited number of members is not an issue. But when it comes to serving meals in large establishments like Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Gurudwaras, Ashrams, Defence Organisations, Railways, Canteens, Catering in Functions & Weddings, the demand for chapatis is very huge. Sometimes it can even reach to tens of thousands of rotis for a single meal. Making such a large number of chapatis manually in limited time can be a very costly and tedious process. It is not only time consuming but also uses a lot of Manpower & LPG. Sunshine Industries offers a great Solution to this challenge. Sunshine Industries, Noida manufactures Chapati Making Machines that can produce upto 600 to 1000 chapatis in an hour. These machines are made from years of research and offer a high-end, cutting edge solution to bulk chapati requirements.

Sunshine Industries came up with the first model almost a decade ago and had it patented under the name “Chapati Maker”, Patent Number: 212613. This Chapati Maker, also known as the Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine(SS02) comes in various capacities and can make upto 1000 chapatis per hour. The Chapati Making Machines needs only one operator (1 person) to run it. The operator places “Pedas” / Dough Balls on the machine one by one, which are pressed and cooked by the machine into Fresh Hot Chapatis. It is a simple, easy to use machine that offers great savings in LPG, Time & Labor. Also since there is no sprinkling of Dry Flour (Atta) anywhere on the machine, the rotis are very hygienic. The Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine has been a huge hit in the market. 

Seeing the success of its Semi Automatic Model, Sunshine Industries came up with an Automatic Chapati Making Machine (SS03). This Machine is similar to the SS02 in most respects, except for one. SS03, has automated the process of peda making with chapati making. The Peda Making part produces Uniformly Rolled & Sized Pedas which are then placed on the Chapati Machine for pressing and baking. The produce is Soft, Puffed, Home like Chapatis. This model can be used when the user wants to automate the peda making process too. Just like its predecessor the SS03 is a simple to operate machine that needs only 1 operator.

The most revolutionary innovation by Sunshine however, is the Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine (SS06). This model is a recent innovation by Sunshine Industries and is a one of its kind Machine in the Industry. The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine integrates the entire process of peda making, pressing and chapati baking into one single unit. The machine automatically makes and transfers pedas to the baking unit, where they are cooked into beautiful, delicious chapatis. The Fully Automatic SS06 has no hidden spaces or enclosures unlike traditional Fully Automatic Models of competitors, hence, making our machine the MOST HYGIENIC & SAFE as compared to any other Fully Automatic Chapati Machine in the Industry. This feature helps achieve extremely stringent norms for personal and environmental cleanliness.

Today you may see many machines in the industry going by the different names: Chapati Making Machine / Roti Making Machine / Chapati Maker etc, but Sunshine Industries have been a pioneer in this Industry. We offer certain clear, unbeatable advantages over our competitors: 

  • Sunshine manufactures superior quality Chapati Making Machines, that have a robust built and are durable. We have a well facilitated manufacturing unit, playing a vital role in the entire manufacturing process. Our production department is resourced with some of the best facilities which help our manpower to create the most serviceable range of chapati making machines. The company has its production unit over a large area where its modern machineries make it capable of handling bulk orders within predefined time period.
  • Sunshine has a dedicated team of engineers that deliver continued service and quality assurance for our clients all over India.
  • Sunshine Industries has the most innovative and diverse range of products in Chapati Making Machines. We have something to match all the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Last and definitely not the least the Cost Savings Sunshine Chapati Making Machines offer over manually making rotis are tremendous.

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